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Game Of The Month

Game Of The Month is a game played in single player mode which use prepared monthly scenario. In those games players compete with computer players to achieve best possilbe result and fullfil prepared for this scenario victory conditions. At the end of each month game administrator compares results send by players and create Table of Results.
Game of the month is played in two categories:
Ironman - game has to be played in one session (no save / load allowed)
Maxman - game has no constraints on save / load count, players are free to maximize their results

Game administrator is ponti

List of games - first season
First game - Copernicus 2007.10 Description Results
Second game - Pontyu 2007.11 Description Results
Third game - Atlantis 2007.12 Description Results
Fourth game - Safari 2008.01 Description Results
Fifth game - Buddha's Hand 2008.02 Description Results
Sixth game - David's Star 2008.03 Description Results

Final Standings of Season I
List of games - second season
First game - Asterix & Obelix 2008.04 Description Results
Second game - Corporation 2008.05 Description Results
Third game - Duel 2008.06 Description Results
Fourth game - The Eye of Ra 2008.09 Description

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