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1. Jovan Kukić1631.412    
2. cule1510.707    
3. ScoobyDoo1399.267    
4. LDeska1392.433    
5. plewan_791167.414    
6. pawelt1152.346    
7. leszek19761130.112    
8. wraith1125.224    
9. Lary331120.456    
10. jaCO?!1096.129    


KAC Civ4 League is a new project of cyclic Civ4 games. Richards is in in charge of this project.

More info:

League - tables, games list & reporting
System for league games reporting - please login to activate it's full functionality.
It shows games history and league tables.

League forum

Third Season
Currently Third Season is played. There are two leagues, Second League consist of two groups.

Second Season
In Second Season KAC League had two leagues: First League consisted of best players of First Season and Second League consisting of three groups. The winner was LDeska, best players from First League fell to Second League, best from Second League advanced to the First League.

Second Season - tables, results
First Season
First Season forum

First Season results:

First Season was arranged specially - four groups were created. Winners of groups played small single elimination tourney to select the winner of First Season, which was LDeska. Two best players from each group formed First League, rest of players plus new players formed Second League.

First Season - tables, results

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