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About us
 We are a club of Sid Meier's Civilization IV players.
Our history begins in 2005. PeterDIK founded then a club of Civilization players as a part of portal. This portal exists since 2004, at the beginning as a Civ2 games platform - tourneys and league existed there. In 2004 internet Civ2 cup was held. At the end of November 2005 emerged KAC - Klub Anonimowych Civmaniaków (Anonymous Civmaniacs Club). It was a meeting point for Civ4 players with our first and still working project - Ranking. In March 2007 KAC separated from portal and started to operate using it's own address
On 11th November 2007 portal was launched.
Detailed history od portal is available here:

From time to time we meet to discuss our hobby. Such meetings are called "Zlot KAC" (eng. KAC meeting). Until September 2008 there was 8 such meetings. You can read descriptions and look at pictures from those meetings on this forum.

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