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About us
 We are a club of Sid Meier's Civilization IV players.
Our history begins in 2005. PeterDIK founded then a club of Civilization players as a part of civland.com portal. This portal exists since 2004, at the beginning as a Civ2 games platform - tourneys and league existed there. In 2004 internet Civ2 cup was held. At the end of November 2005 emerged KAC - Klub Anonimowych Civmaniaków (Anonymous Civmaniacs Club). It was a meeting point for Civ4 players with our first and still working project - Ranking. In March 2007 KAC separated from civland.com portal and started to operate using it's own address www.kac.org.pl
On 11th November 2007 portal www.civilization.org.pl was launched.
Detailed history od civland.com portal is available here: http://www.civland.com/civland-o.php

From time to time we meet to discuss our hobby. Such meetings are called "Zlot KAC" (eng. KAC meeting). Until September 2008 there was 8 such meetings. You can read descriptions and look at pictures from those meetings on this forum.

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