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Ranking FFA

FFA Ranking
- game reporting, ranking table, stats - all done by Beny

FFA stands for Free For All, in our games there is usually around 10 players per game, played in one session from beginning to end, usually on Friday nights. In those games we are totally anonymous, we pick random leaders and play simply for fun.
FFA games forum: games descriptions, ranking

FFA ranking administrator is Richards

Most commonly used settings
General rules:
- at least 5 players
- no guessing who plays
- chatting only about dyplomacy
- players that quit are counted as last players, no matter how many points they had
- before leaving players should present themselves
- game is reported by winner

Random leaders
Prince level

If majority wants, options below might be modified:

Map: Panagea
Size: Normal
Climate: Temperate
Sea level: depends on count of players
Age: Ancient
Speed: Quick
Shore: any
Map edges: Flat
Resources: Balanced

X Advanced Start: (default count of points)
X Barbarians: ???
X No Technology Trading
X No tribal villages
X No random events

X Conquest

X Zimultaneous turns
X Anonymous (we do not talk during game who is who)
X Turn timer: Medium

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