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Ranking KAC began in year 2005. PeterDIK founded then Civilization players' forum as a part of portal. Ranking rules are unchanged since it's introduction by PeterDIK

In March 2008 we have implemented second KAC Ranking table, that is using ELO ranking system. It's a widely used ranking system - in chess and other sports. Information about that system might be found here or on wiki.
KAC Ranking was founded to let Civilization players compare their skills. Second crucial goal was to it easy to use for users. A system that was developed put no constraints on games settings or type of games except of:
 -  players must have accounts on our forum
 -  ranking games must be played by two teams with equal teammates (it might be a game 1 vs 1, what is the most common case), but it might be a game 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 etc.)
 -  when game is finished, one of teammates that lost the game has to report it by creating a thread in our forum - reporting instruction is here
ELO Ranking rules
1. Each new player gets 1000 ranking points at start
2. count of points given to players is computed as follows:
a) chance to win is computed according to the formula below:

Ea = 1 / (1 + 10 ^( (Rb - Ra) / 400 ) )
Rb - player B strength (unknown, so count of points in ELO Ranking is used)
Ra - player A strength (unknown, so count of points in ELO Ranking is used)
b) change of points is computed:

Ra' = Ra + K * (Sa - Ea)
Ra' - new ranking of player A
Ra - old ranking of player A
K - change factor - we use 32, it gives +/- 16 points for players with the same strength
Sa - game outcome (1 is victory, 0 is defeat)
Ea - expected game outcome, computed in previous step
DIK Ranking rules
1. Each new player gets 1000 ranking points at start
2. When game is finished, loser reports it on forum. In case of teamers only one team member reports a game. The way of reporting games is described here
3. Reporting a game automaticaly triggers ranking recalculation, according to following table:

4. If winner has more than 2000 points then count of points gained is divided by count of thousands of ranking points of loser.
5. In case of teamers each team is treated as single player with count of points equal to arithmetic average of its members points.
Ranking lets you see many statistics of ranking as whole and single player in teamers and 1 vs 1 games. Detailed description of ranking capabilities with screenshots of examples you may find here
Frequently used settings
Ranking games settings are not limited, but players consider some of settings most suitable for ranking games. You may find detailed description of those setting here
Gentlemen agreements
Those agreements limit games in a way which game mechanism does not allow to enforce. Description of such agreements are located here.
Saving and finishing games
In case of lack of time of one of players ranking games might be saved and finished later.

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