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Gentlemen agreements
Those agreements constraint game in a way impossible to achieve by game mechanisms. Concerns for example way of choosing leader or the way game is played. Two agreements are used quite often:
 -  non-fin - means that players do not choose leader with financial trait. The reason is that for long games this trait is overpowered.
 -  galleon games - used in case of games played on map Mirror with subtype "Wide Continents". Both players start on two separated, identical continents. Continents might be separated by shallow water (Coast tile) and then players might attack each other when only they build galleys or continents might be separated by deep water (Ocean tile) and then first unit that is able to cross it is a caravel. Some of players like to develop their civilizations in peace at the beginning of game so they agree that first attack might be executed with use of galleons. It is forbidden then to approach with any earlier boats (even to make contact).

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