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1. Jovan Kukić1631.412    
2. cule1510.707    
3. ScoobyDoo1399.267    
4. LDeska1392.433    
5. plewan_791167.414    
6. pawelt1152.346    
7. leszek19761130.112    
8. wraith1125.224    
9. Lary331120.456    
10. jaCO?!1096.129    

Frequently used settings
Ranking games are not limited to following settings, those are just the most frequently used settings, but you may play ranking games with any other type of settings. Settings presented below suits best ranking games because it dimishes random factor or are simply traditionally played by our players. Settings that limit random factor:
 -  no AI-controlled players
 -  type of map: mirrored. Because development of civilization depends mostly on the terrain where is was born it is very important to ave exactly the same starting positions. There is such map script "Mirror" which is shipped with Civilization 4, we use also map scripts created by LDeska from our club, which are called LD_Mirror_Inland_Sea, LD_Mirror_Remote_Continents, LD_Inversed_Inland_Sea.
 -  always war - it is cutting war weariness in two and makes it an unimportant factor. In other case it would be pointless to start a conflict
 -  no technology trading - it's causing that there is no information which technologies we know and our foe doesn't in Foreign Affairs Advisor screen
 -  no tribal villages - you might get from it so nice things like technology worth over half thousands bulbs (like Metal Casting) or not nice things like barbarians
 -  no random events - as described earlier

Second part of settings doesn't concern random factor but are traditionally used by our players:
 -  map size: tiny
 -  game speed: normal
 -  difficulty level: prince
 -  simultaneous turns: disabled - thanks to this setting players execute their moves turn by turn, like in chess - it eliminates fast moves (also called double moves). It's also quicker than simultaneous mode because it is pointless to use whole time of turn waiting for unpredicted moves of your opponenent till the end of turn

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