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1. Jovan Kukić1631.412    
2. cule1510.707    
3. ScoobyDoo1399.267    
4. LDeska1392.433    
5. plewan_791167.414    
6. pawelt1152.346    
7. leszek19761130.112    
8. wraith1125.224    
9. Lary331120.456    
10. jaCO?!1096.129    

To report a game:
1. Register on forum
2. Enter forum Ranking KAC -> Zgłaszanie gier do rankingu / Report games
3. Create new thread - you will see screen as below:

(click image to enlarge)

4. Because loser should report games, you already see your nick as the first loser in field "Loser #1". Pick from popup list "Winner #1" the person that won. It will triggen automatic update of thread title and body of message as it is shown below:

(click image to enlarge)

5. If it was a teamer, click button "more" to add more winners and losers. Choose their nicks from popup lists - it will also trigger update of thread title and body:

(click image to enlarge)

6. Add in body your opinion about this game - which map, game settings and leaders you chose, how game was won etc.
7. Post new thread by clicking "Post" button

Immediately after you report your game, ranking will be recomputed - you will see full information about count of points which all players that participated in this game had before game, how many points they gained or lost and how many points they have curretntly. When you enter ranking table you will see current situation in KAC Ranking. You may check your position by checking this address:

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