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VII Runda / Seventh Round - ot4e - uralis

LDeska - 2008-06-26, 10:18
Post subject: ot4e - uralis
Tu sie chłopaki umawiajcie na mecz. Gracz wymieniony jako pierwszy powinien być gospodarzem gry. Czas na rozegranie gry: do wtorku 1 lipca włącznie.

Po rozegranej grze tutaj umieśćcie informację o wyniku. Gra może ale nie musi być zaliczona do rankingu - domyślnie nie jest, bo mamy graczy zagranicznych.


Here you should set up your game. Player listed as first should host the game. Time to play: till Tuesday 1st July (inclusive).

After played game place here info who won.

Good luck! :)

uralis - 2008-06-26, 15:17

May be uralis - ot4e?
Its my 3d nonhost game.

LDeska - 2008-06-26, 16:00

You fell into lower part of tree - random ;) like in Civ4 :D but if ot4e agree, then you may host...
In next KAC Cup I will rethink this ordering of players - to make it more fair... thx for pointing this out!

OT4E - 2008-07-04, 20:13

Uralis played very well and won the game. Congrats with getting into the great final.
uralis - 2008-07-04, 21:01

It was very interesting game, both of us supposed many mistakes but on 195 turns it became clear, that I win on points and Ot4e has surrendered :padam:
Thanks for game and some advices. I learned something new about industrial era ;) and
GL in next round :)

LDeska - 2008-08-12, 20:41

uralis - now you r last game - again with ot4e: http://forum.civilization...opic.php?t=7567 Good luck!

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